Portrait of Anna Jensen

Anna Jensen Founder, Chair & CEO
MBA, PG Diploma in Leadership and Change Management

Everything Anna does comes from her passion for helping others
to grow and to innovatively solve problems. Through the development of
relationships and genuine curiosity she continuously strives to question status
quo by applying her creativity in out of the box thinking. She strongly
believes in learning through experiments and that learning is lifelong.

Anna is a visionary leader and strategist with substantial
business acumen. The idea of BFT-Group Incorporation was born on the back the
epiphany she had when she started to question her beliefs of how to do
business; why just help one business or a few clients at the time, why not
create a group of businesses and grow them by giving them the opportunity to
collaborate across entities for the benefit of the individual entity, the
environment, and the entire local communities! 

In founding BFT-Group Incorporation, Anna is leveraging more than 27 years’ experience in business as board member, CEO, MD, Financial controller, Senior Manager, and Business Consultant from a great variety of sectors both in Denmark and the UK. Examples are Government, E-commerce, Consultancies, privately owned independent schools, engineering (robotics & mining), SaaS, technology, construction, and soft furnishings all SMEs.

John Miller, Advisor
FCA, BA(Econ) Government

John is a commercial C-suite level executive, advisor, and investor, with a proven record of developing high growth, owner-managed, private equity funded and listed international businesses in developed and developing markets. He takes a hands-on approach to deliver strategic and operational change and efficiencies, including reporting and systems enhancement, staff development, treasury management, tax optimisation, M&A, debt and equity efficiency, investor relations, and planning and executing exit events. John has operated across several industries and whilst his greatest experience has been in technology-related fields, he also has recent active involvement in businesses in professional services, mining, real estate, and asset management

Nguya Lupindula, Head of Commerce
MChem (Hons), PG Degree Strategic Management & Leadership, Diploma in Business Development.

Nguya is a supply chain management expert with over seven years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry. With a proven track record of managing end-to-end supply chains and departments, projects, product launches, and acquisitions. Nguya has established and integrated new supply chains and contributed to the revenue growth of a SME Pharma company.

Nguya successfully led the M&A supply team at Pharmanovia in the acquisition and transition of iconic brands, such as Valium, managing industry-leading divestment partners Roche and AstraZeneca during product transition and securing the supply chain. With exceptional strategic planning skills and project management, Nguya has a strong record of maintaining the supply of medicines during acquisitions and while meeting project timelines.

Other professional achievements in supply chain management include leading teams, growing and re-structuring departments and implementing best practices. Other projects led includes tech transfer, consolidating distribution networks, and implementing serialisation protocols and software achieving 99% success rate in identifying potential falsified medicines.

Nguya’s qualifications and certificates include master’s degree in medical & pharmaceutical chemistry (Loughborough University), Postgrad degree in strategic management and leadership (Sussex Business School), Responsible Person (Reading Scientific Services Ltd), Pharmaceutical Auditing (Reading Scientific Services Ltd).


Anna Jensen

John Miller

Nguya Lupindula