Vision & Mission

Our Vision

The reason for the vision:

Many businesses cease trading after many years, even decades, simply due to a lack of buyers or anyone to take over the operating responsibility. As a result, business owners see their life’s work sold off in parts or disappear altogether, staff no longer have a means to provide for their families and the local communities often end up as ghost areas.

Our vision is to build a portfolio of businesses which will provide the advantage of scale and accelerate growth by collectively bidding for larger projects & tenders and improve access to capital whilst continuing to operate as separate entities. It will enable all stakeholders and the communities to prosper, by creating employment and financial donations for the development of local communities.

Our Mission

BFT Group prides itself in its integrity, confidentiality and commitment to the founders, staff and the continued development of businesses acquired. We offer genuine and fair treatment in all acquisitions based on due diligence, fair valuations and according to our company values of integrity, respect, and engagement,
Our fundamental acquisition criteria are:

  • Privately owned in the UK (possibly with affiliates in other countries)
  • 100% interest for sale
  • Turnover £5M-£20M
  • Profitable
  • Strong & committed management team
  • Healthy short & medium-term order book
  • Positioned for growth

From time to time we may consider acquisitions, either full or partial ownership, that fall outside of these criteria. This will require in depth financial analysis and a thorough due diligence process.

We acquire only businesses the owners are motivated to sell and only if the acquisition will enable the companies to scale and continue to create value for the benefit of the shareholders, stakeholders, and the local communities.

We commit to donating some of the annual profits from each entity to selected causes as they are specified below.

We group profitable debt free companies in fragmented markets to ensure they get access to larger tenders and projects without sacrificing operational autonomy.

In future we may pursue IPOs to gain access to a larger investor base and liquidity. In return they will create more jobs for the benefit of local communities.

We will consider support to these or similar causes:

  1. Creating a healthy environment – development of green playgrounds, green area establishments, establishment of free to attend public sports facilities, tree planting, other local environmental projects by application only.
  2. Social wellbeing – establishments of local clubs with a specific purpose, charities that only operate locally, local food deliveries for homeless people, establishments of new shelters.
  3. Circular Economy experiments – projects by application.