Our Values


We are always committed and act in a professional manner. We are open and transparent in all areas of business which builds reliability and trust, with no hidden agendas. This also applies to the work culture of the entities in our portfolio. We go to great lengths to keep all information confidential during the entire acquisition process, including the necessary due diligence that we always undertake. We aim to create a ‘win win’ scenario for vendors, the companies and BFT-Group based on fair valuations and mutual considerations.


We always engage with and respect vendors and stakeholders that we are dealing with. We seek to establish a relationship with vendors based on mutual respect to understand them and their business in detail. We respect the emotions involved around selling as we are aware that this is not always easy. We promote a culture of respect in all entities where diversity, inclusiveness and equality are natural.


We are engaging with and are committed to developing strong relationships with all vendors, stakeholders, and communities. We strongly promote an experimental, collaborative, proactive, and involved work environment company wide. We listen appreciatingly to all feedback and suggestions to improvement of performance or ideas concerning all areas of the business from all our stakeholders. We value our employees and therefore help them to develop their skills through education and support career desires in consideration of the individual ambitions. We empower them to make decisions and solve issues within their own area of responsibility where they are held accountable and mistakes are a collective learning opportunity. Communication flows freely in the entire organisation and there is a high degree of influencing with no restrictions.

Environment, Social and Governance


We work relentlessly towards reducing the impact on the environment for all the companies and their respective supply chains that we are holding. This work is particularly focused on reducing the usage of natural resources, reduce emissions, improve waste management to maximise recycling and strive towards sustainable solutions.


In addition to our other values. Diversity, equality, and inclusion – we see our staff as unique individuals that are central to our companies’ success. Happy staff gives happy customers and improves efficiency. We do not accept child labour or extortionate working conditions. We go far to ensure diversity in the work force and to make everybody feel included regardless of their gender, ethnicity, political, sexual, or religious orientation.

We are engaged in the local communities in which we operate, and we have a clear paragraph in the mission statement of how we support social health and wellbeing activities in these communities.


BFT-GROUP INCORPORATION LTD, the owner of all businesses it acquires, is represented by two members: the business Founder and a board Advisor. These two members have seats on all the companies’ boards. In due course other advisory roles will be required.

The board of each entity is Chaired by the CEO or the CFO of the company. BFT Group is represented by the two members mentioned above.

It is the boards responsibility to ensure that governance is exercised in compliance to the laws and regulations in the countries in which the entities operate and according to the Corporate Governance Code in the UK. UK Corporate Governance Code (the Code), which is published and updated periodically by the Financial Reporting Council (FRC), which is also a statutory body. The current edition of the Code was published in 2014.

It is based on the underlying principles of all good governance: accountability, transparency, probity and focus on the sustainable success of an entity over the longer term. 

This responsibility also means to ensure that the mandatory and appropriate recommended policies and procedures are in place.